Cine las Americas: SANGUE DO MEU SANGUE

Director João Canijo
Year 2011
Starring Rafael Morais, Rita Blanco and Anabela Moreira
Run Time 133min
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In his seventh feature film, director João Canijo recreates an epic story through the devoted and cautious observation of physical space and of interpersonal relationships. He succeeds in evoking a tridimensional universe, stylized but anchored in a detailed and sober realism that allows for a profound connection with human emotions.

The excellent interpretation by Rita Blanco takes the spectator by the hand through a situation where most of us adults have found ourselves: the moment when a family has to act and recognize its condition, understand the actions of its members and their individual lives, and confront destiny as a family.

The detailed mise-en-scène, outstanding sound design, and strong, delicate, profound and complex performances of the entire cast, are the result of a two year process, in which the director and his team rehearsed and worked the characters and the story.

The resulting film is complex and multi-textured, richly crafted and capable of unveiling flashes of humanity amid the dramas and tragedies that weave through the everyday lives of its characters.

Tickets are $8 for Members / $10 for General Admission

"An elegant and sensitively filmed drama which avoids the pitfalls of a grim portrayal of the working-class to become a richly woven social tapestry of its time and place" – Robert Munro, EYE FOR FILM
"Boldly balances nuanced social realism with high stakes melodrama" – Matt Cornell, AFI Fest

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