Director Sylvester Stallone
Year 1985
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Rating PG
Run Time 91min
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In celebration of the 4th of July holiday, we're proud to provide all you good Americans with the most American movie in the history of America! In his fourth and most momentous screen adventure, wee punchin’ machine Rocky Balboa shakes the foundations of the nation when he goes toe-to-iron boot with Drago (Dolph Lundgren), a Russian Frankenstein who looks like he uses Italians as dental floss. But our hero remains undaunted, diving fearlessly into a montage barrage that’ll rattle you like a boxing glove fulla borscht. Join Rocky’s pals Carl Weathers, Burt Young and James Brown (!) ringside to see their main man get the holy bejeezus beaten outta him by the biggest damn commie you’ll ever lay your eyes on. This movie is so red-white-n-black-n-blue that its aftershocks directly resulted in the dissolution of Soviet Russia just six years later! That’s strength! That’s power!! That’s AMERICA!!!

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