Director Beverly Sebastian
Year 1984
Starring Tray Loren, Donna Scoggins, Headmistress
Rating R
Run Time 90min
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In October, there’s gonna be a killer on the loose when VIDEO HATE SQUAD unleashes the indomitably sleazy cinematic experience known as ROCKTOBER BLOOD! When you talk about the grand canyon-esque landfill of film titles that never cleared the leap to DVD, this phenomenally delirious hair metal take on Cyrano-meets-the-slasher-genre is the most glaring casualty on the pile.

Nearly a year has passed since Lynn Starling's testimony sent vocal virtuoso and apparent psychopath Billy Harper to the electric chair. Billy tragically murdered some losers in a recording studio, which also claimed the life of a pinball machine in the process. After Billy rode the lightning into the ether, his band was in desperate need of a replacement singer. And who better to fill the void than Lynn herself? On the brink of a worldwide tour to promote an LP of Billy’s material, Lynn finds herself terrorized by a shadowy figure that looks and sounds an awful lot like the former lead singer she sent to death row. In the midst of the violent stalking and a maelstrom of raging jams, Lynn finds herself on a deadly mission to find out whether or not Billy is dead. Or alive.

In the tradition of metalsploitation greats such as BLACK ROSES and TRICK OR TREAT, ROCKTOBER BLOOD is a true heavyweight. While other films in this class typically feature slapdash metal that provokes a roll of the eyes, this movie's soundtrack drills deep into your skull and infests your brain. The songs are called "Rainbow Eyes" and "Watch Me Rock." The bands are called SORCERY and FACEDOWN. Bring your rainbow eyes to the screening or there will be hell to pay, because Video Hate Squad IS BACK! (Max Meehan)