Action Pack


Director Paul V. Seetachitt
Year 2012
Starring Felicia Day, Kevin Wu, Gerry Bedknob, Andrew Bowen
Run Time 90min
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Forty years ago, the Department of Defense discovered and hid from the public an alien who came to warn us of impending doom - an asteroid belt of enormous proportions heading on a direct path towards Earth. Since then, the world has been protected by a top secret government organization known as the Asteroid Management Initiative (AMI), whose mission is to shoot down the daily myriad of Earth-ending asteroids from a secret underground control center.

Today AMI is a critical element in the DoD's struggle to keep the Earth safe - its heroes are the "Rock Jocks", a group of misfits with exceptional satellite piloting skills. Our story begins during a night shift, where the Rock Jocks have arrived to fend off the asteroids, yet spend ost of the evening fighting off boredom, themselves, and a meddling government bureaucrat hell-bent on cutting their budget.

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