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Director Jack Vacek
Year 1988
Starring Jack Vacek, Jack Vacek, Jack Vacek
Rating R
Run Time 98min
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It's a known fact that dads are good at fixing cars, hitting baseballs, and eating pizza. But it's a little-known fact that dads are also good at making backyard action movies that feature children getting shot. Written, produced, and directed by Hollywood fringe player Jack Vacek, ROCK HOUSE is a middle-aged dad's fantasy come to life. That is, if the middle-aged dad in question is completely out of his mind. Vacek stars as Turner, a skid-row MAGNUM P.I. who drives around the San Fernando Valley in a tiny white convertible and occasionally plows into living rooms. Gangsters who feel like refugees from dinner theater say things like, "First there was fast food . . . now, there's fast drugs!" Turner has awkward casual sex, fights bad guys wearing rubber monster masks, and encounters lots of cocaine. He also lives on a boat and has a license plate that says: BEER RUN. ROCK HOUSE combines random vignettes, insane stunts, and non-stop catch-phrases with a action movie trope check-list that's fifteen miles long. All for the cost of a bag of Fritos. Dads rule! (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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