Director Takeshi Koike
Year 2009
Starring Takuya Kimura, Yû Aoi, Tadanobu Asano
Run Time 102min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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After watching REDLINE, you will learn that the sport of auto-racing is missing a number of things. 

Aliens, robots, weapons mounted on the vehicles, locations that cause the military to chase the participants, and frequent assassination attempts to name a few.  If just one of those things were included in modern auto-racing, I would immediately become a loyal viewer, as I’m sure many of you would too.

Telling the story of JP as he tries to make it into the biggest race in this, or any, galaxy, REDLINE follows the racer as he competes, prepares, and competes some more.  Along the way he’ll meet some of the other racers, find out first hand that not all planets like races happening in their backyard, and push his car to the absolute limit. 

If you’ve ever wished the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise took place in space and featured a much higher body count, then you’ve found your new favorite film.

REDLINE is brought to us by Katsuhito Ishii and Takeshi Koike, the men responsible for PARTY 7, FUNKY FOREST, the animated sequence in KILL BILL, and several other incredible things. 

It took them seven years to finish this completely hand-drawn masterpiece, and the love and care for the medium is evident in every single frame.  This is a film made by true masters of animation working at the top of their game.  (David Chisholm)

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