Director Stuart Gordon
Year 1985
Starring Jeffrey Combs, David Gale, Barbara Crampton
Rating R
Run Time 86min
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Calling RE-ANIMATOR a crucial gore movie is like saying that fire is hot. Vein-bulgingly manic movie nerd Jeffrey Combs plays the equally high-strung Herbert West, a medical student gifted with both extraordinary ability and an absolute lack of conscience. His grave-robbing, vengeance-tinted antics in the field of death reversal inevitably unleash a gargantuan avalanche of severed extremities, spastic torsos, and even a disembodied cunnilingus stunt that would later be referenced in the inferior Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY. As with Gordon's other H.P. Lovecraft adaptation FROM BEYOND, the movie is passionately violent, dazzlingly clever, features almost nothing to do with its source material. It's also a goddamn motherfucking masterpiece. (Zack Carlson)