QT Retrospective: JACKIE BROWN

Director Quentin Tarantino
Year 1997
Starring Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Forster
Rating R
Run Time 154min
Age Policy

17 and up; Children 5 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 5 will be allowed.

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This has somehow already become the forgotten great Tarantino film.

Based off Elmore Leonard’s RUM PUNCH the film focuses on the titular character (Pam Grier) who’s a stewardess (don’t worry, that was politically correct in 1997) and sometimes money smuggler. After the cops pinch her, Jackie’s boss (Samuel L. Jackson) bails her out in fear that she might become an informant to the police. Things become more complicated as the bail bondsman (Robert Forster) instantly falls for the beautiful Jackie.

The most character-driven of all Tarantino’s films the story contains genuine heart in the middle of all the crime that encompasses the plot. The cast, which also includes Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton and Chris Tucker, is first-class and Tarantino’s direction is assured and mature. It took three years for him to make his follow-up feature to the phenomenon PULP FICTION, but the wait was definately worth it.

Even if it’s been overlooked since its initial release, JACKIE BROWN earns a spot right next to PULP as one of the very best achievements of the writer/director’s career. (R.J. LaForce)

Drafthouse News

Robin Williams memorial screenings will benefit Concern Hotline

Robin Williams memorial screenings will benefit Concern Hotline

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester will host multiple screenings of films starring Robin Williams, including JUMANJI and GOOD WILL HUNTING.  JUMANJI will screen on Saturday, August 23 at 12:55 pm and Tuesday, August 26 at 6 pm.  GOOD WILL HUNTING will screen on Monday, August 25 at 3:10 pm and 6:35 pm.  Tickets for all shows are $7, and all net proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Concern Hotline.