Action Pack


Director Albert Magnoli
Year 1984
Starring Prince, Appolonia Kotero, Morris Day
Rating R
Run Time 111min
More Info IMDb
Official Website

When the Action Pack tells us they want to screen a movie, we know that that means we're going to break all of our usual rules of behavior for How To Act In a Cinema.

So while the Alamo may have screenings of musicals and concert films that aren't brought to you by the Action Pack, when you see their name as the series producer for a title you know that we're going to look the other way if you decide to sing out, or possibly get into enjoying the movie with a dance party or any other interactivity that comes to mind.

Which is why when the Action Pack said, "Hey, can we hang out for some screenings of PURPLE RAIN?" the true Prince fans at the Alamo all said, "ONLY IF YOU INVITE US, TOO!"

Now we invite all of you to join us for these special screenings of PURPLE RAIN where the normal Alamo rules do not apply.

If you feel passionate about telling the world about the Beautiful Ones, please stand up and sing your hearts out while emoting in those white lace gloves you brought to the theater with you.

If you want to do nasty things to the top of our speakers during Darling Nikki... that's weird, but whater - it's all good!

And if you want to really belt it out during the title song when The Kid finally realizes that Lisa and Wendy wrote something awesome that deserves to be celebrated? We're all about that, too.

The only thing we ask is that if you decide to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, please make sure you know which body of water you're standing at the shore of before you take off almost all of your clothes.

The Action Pack is screening PURPLE RAIN, so let's all get crazy!

Don't Drink Naked!

Every month our friends at Twang help us put together one of our Action Pack events, and you can always get free packets of their super addictive beer salt for using with any beers you order at every participating Alamo location!  New to the beer salt lifestyle? Get more info at and prepare to have a much better summer.

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