Director Jean-Luc Godard/Gérard Pirès
Year 1966/1969
Starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, Chantal Goya/Annie Girardot
Run Time 203min

This movie points the way towards Godard's politically didactic, post-'60s revolutionary movies -- only it's a million times more fun than any of those. There's a wild and reckless feeling of engagement with the exploding youth culture of '60s Paris. Brigitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy both show up and political agitating and cool haircuts are given equal footing. Yé-Yé girl Chantal Goya plays a pop star adjusting to her newfound fame while torn between relationships with a teenage subversive and her two flirtatious roommates. Full of improvised dialogue, playful pop music and the sort of effervescent cool that belongs only to the French, this portrait of “The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola” is a revolutionary masterpiece from start to finish.

EROTISSIMO (digital)
Experiencing EROTISSIMO is like watching plastic fireworks from a rubber merry-go-round. This movie is a machine gun that shoots colors. Its pop art ingredients don't just pop - they explode. The wife of an emotionally distant business man is inundated with reminders of sex from all directions. An omnipresent barrage of erotic triggers leave her feeling neglected and she begins a losing campaign to recapture her husband's attentions. An anarchic satire of the advertising age, EROTISSIMO leaps from scene to scene with a whirlwind of rapid cutting, eye-popping style and all guns trained on pure mod pop fun!

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