Year 1984
Starring Steve Guttenberg, George Gaynes, Andrew Rubin, Michael Winslow, David Graf
Rating R
Run Time 611min
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7 movies.

1 day.

Totally Idiotic.

When it came time to celebrate the films of 1984 at the Alamo Drafthouse we thought to ourselves, "But who could watch JUST ONE Police Academy movie?" So we scoured the Earth twice over and scrounged together the last remaining 35mm prints of the Police Academy franchise and subverted all levels of authority to bring to you the most spectacularly ill-advised magnificent movie marathon we could ever possibly dream up. 

Mahoney, Hightower, Tackleberry, Jones, Hooks, Lassard and Zed...ALL DAY LONG. Witness what these hapless two bit thugs and screw ups can do when they hit the streets in an all-day celebration from their first day at the Academy all the way to Moscow.


Police Academy - 35mm
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment - DCP
Police Academy 3: Back in Training - 35mm
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol - 35mm
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach - 35mm
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege - DCP
Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow - 35mm

Is this the stupidest event the Alamo has ever done? Only way to find out for sure. (Greg MacLennan)



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