Director Paul Thomas Anderson
Year 2012, 2002
Run Time 259min

All the proceeds from this screening will go to ReDiscover’s Addiction Recovery Program.

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE in 35mm and THE MASTER in 35mm.

It's a sad day when we announce a memorial screening and even sadder when it's for a performer still at his peak. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a man of many talents and when it comes down to singling out his greatest single achievement or contribution to our world, all answers are correct.

Hoffman was a constant chameleon on the screen, elevating every piece of work he touched to a higher level. He always pushed himself for more and challenged all those around him. He was a leading man and a character actor, an every man and a villain. He could create the funniest moment and the most heartbreaking.  Philip Seymour Hoffman was a gift and every performance he gave was his best.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us for a double feature event celebrating two dimensions of Hoffman’s breathtaking career. 

In PUNCH DRUNK LOVE Hoffman played Dean Trumbell: the mattress man of Adam Sandler’s nightmares. Hoffman is so good in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE that he steals the film with only a few scenes, something that the actor would do throughout his amazing career. Whether it was Trumbell, Dusty, or Lester Bangs, Hoffman always created characters that would out live their screen time.

As Lancaster Dodd, Hoffman created a character that only grows with further inspection. In a film that was worth its weight in celluloid, we’re reminded just how great Philip Seymour Hoffman really is, and of his ability to make the people he works with that much better. No other film reflects the range of this amazing actor quite like THE MASTER, and every time I watch this film I’ll be reminded of the great talent cinema lost that day.

Even if these are not your favorites, I think we can all come together and celebrate a performer that was never satisfied and always left us wanting more.  

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