Director Mark Robson
Year 1957
Starring Lana Turner, Lee Philips, Lloyd Nolan, Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn, Terry Moore
Run Time 157min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series The Influences of David Lynch.

PEYTON PLACE is a fictional New Hampshire town where all sorts of sins are committed behind whitewashed picket fences. It swims in a ‘50s cocktail of repressed desires, incest, suicide, illegitimacy, murder, girls who put out and girls who just tease, rape, and the unspoken small-town conspiracy that keeps everything hidden.

It began as a hugely popular smutty novel by hard-drinking Grace Metalious, who grew up in New England under the cloud of overextended Puritanism, and went on to be adapted into the first prime-time soap opera. David Lynch showed the film to Mark Frost when the two began working on TWIN PEAKS, but the idea of the dark hidden underbelly of an idyllic small town reverberates through many of Lynch's films.

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