Director Michael Schultz
Year 1985
Starring Taimak, Vanity, Christopher Murney
Rating PG-13
Run Time 109min
Age Policy

21 and up. No one under 21 admitted.

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The Off-Centered Film Fest Dogfish Head Beer Feasts are legendary.  There are beer dinners at the Alamo and around town throughout the year but none can hold a chopstick to what will happen at the 6th annual Alamo and Dogfish culinary collaboration.  We’ve got “The Glow.” 

Once a year in Austin, Dogfish Head busts out special aged and hard-to-come-by kegs from their expansive cellars to share with audiences at the Alamo. Naturally, these events always sell out – so act fast! If you like quality craft beer, hi-fi gourmet food, and/or crazy high kicks… this feast is for you.

This year, we’re coupling the 1985 mystical kung-fu comedy masterpiece THE LAST DRAGON with a meal fit for Bruce Leroy himself!  Each epicurean course will be paired with one of eight ultra-special Dogfish beers.  Each brew’s characteristics and nuances will complement the ingredients of each course prepared by Alamo Austin Market Concept Chef Trish Eichelberger.  If you’ve never seen Taimak karate chop an arrow in mid-flight on the big screen while sipping a 2011 Dogfish Chateau Jiahu, well, then you haven’t lived. 

THE LAST DRAGON is one of the most ridiculously fun movies to come out of the ‘80s, filled flying kung-fu kicks, brutal baddies, and featuring the lovely Prince protégé Vanity (formerly of Vanity 6)!  See pizza dough used as a weapon! Hear three Asian men rapping "Uptown Girl"! Marvel at football pads used as urban samurai armor!  One thing is for certain, after this feast you will always want to eat your popcorn with a pair of chopsticks. 

Dogfish Head founder and head brewer Sam Calagione will host the event, asking the audience to “kiss his converse” and walking guests through the night’s insane beer portfolio that will help bring each attendee to “Glow” status. 

Behold the glorious menu! 

Welcome Beer: 60 MIN IPA with Asian Spiced Popcorn and Chopsticks

Baby Corn- Corn Bread, Soy- Sambal Butter
With Aprihop & 2011 Bitches Brew

Fried Rib, Hoisin BBQ Sauce, Miso Braised Collard Greens
With 2011 Chateau Jiahu & Positive Contact

Fried Sesame Chicken Pizza, Tatsoi Greens, Daikon and Carrot Slaw
With Rhizing Bines

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookie
With 2011 Olde School Barley Wine & 2012 120 MIN thru RANDALL w/ Mosaic Hops

Miss this event?  “I would not do that if I were you.” (John Gross)

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