Terror Tuesday


Director Joseph Sargent
Year 1983
Starring Emilio Estevez, Richard Masur, Lance Henriksen
Rating R
Run Time 99min
More Info IMDb

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The four stories in this deeply unhinged horror anthology were originally shot as individual episodes for eerie TV series DARKROOM, but were deemed too intense and/or ridiculous for broadcast. Fortunately, they were later souped up with new, more offensive footage and released to capitalize on the success of CREEPSHOW. If you’re looking for a movie with giant super-powered rats, lunatic gas station slashers and Satan in the form of a four-wheel-drive monster truck bursting out of the desert and attacking a fallen priest, NIGHTMARES should be among your top ten choices. Did I mention punk rocker/video arcade addict Emilio Estevez going one-on-one with digital demonoid The Bishop of Battle? Ai yi yi. Be here, and leave your attention span on the bus. (Zack Carlson)

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