Terror Tuesday


Director Thom E. Eberhardt
Year 1984
Starring Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney
Rating R
Run Time 95min
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DAWN OF THE DEAD meets VALLEY GIRL in the ultimate 1980s teenage apocalypse! The people of all nations gather to witness the passing of a majestic comet through the night sky. One hour later, humanity has been reduced to red calcium dust...with the exception of Hollywood High School sisters Reggie and Samantha. The few other survivors are flesh-eating wasteoids, Santa-suited twits or merciless subterranean researchers scrambling for live test subjects. This leaves our heroines with an important question: can they machine-gun enough rotting cannibals and government goons to make it to the mall? Because when the world has ended, the latest fashions are free! Zombies, disorder and all-American violence served up frantic, savage and totally tubular!! Originally titled TEENAGE MUTANT HORROR COMET ZOMBIES. Seriously. It was. (Zack Carlson)

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