Terror Tuesday


Director René Cardona
Year 1969
Starring José Elías Moreno, Carlos López Moctezuma, Norma Lazareno
Rating R
Run Time 83min
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What if El Santo hired H.G. Lewis to direct a deranged wrestling/ape-man movie? Wonder no more! Crudely crafted by Rene Cardona, Sr. (SANTA CLAUS) and Rene Cardona, Jr. (NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CATS), Mexico's premiere family of sleazoids, this UK Video Nasty is an overachiever in the realm of morally bankrupt trash. What starts as a standard Luche Libre wrestling adventure quickly morphs into nonsensical, gross-out excess, as a mad doctor transplants the heart of an orangutan into the body of his ailing son. Really. That's what happens. From there, the shirtless ape-man embarks on a brutal psycho-sexual rampage, as innocent people are assaulted, disembowled, skinned, de-eyed, and decapitated for no good reason. All in seething close-up. On top of that, the Cardonas throw in a wrestler/super-heroine who wears a red Catwoman suit, insaniac dubbing, and real-life open heart surgery footage. Now that's a night at the movies! (Joseph A. Ziemba) 

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