Director Russ Meyer
Year 1965
Starring Antoinette Christiani, Hal Hopper, Rena Horten, John Furlong, Princess Livingston
Run Time 92min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series BIG BROADS AND MEEK MEN: THE FILMS OF RUSS MEYER.

In America at the middle of the 20th century, few things said, “I’m a serious artist!” like setting your story in a small, rural village during the Great Depression.

Horny hillbillies and ornery old cusses try to lay their greasy hands on gorgeous country cousin Lorna Maitland in Russ Meyer’s epic of ribaldry and violence made from the juice of life. This bawdy barnyard pastiche would turn Lil’ Abner creator Al Capp green with envy. Russ Meyer brought something rare and precious to the sexploitation genre. He was a natural-born cinematographer and film editor, with an eye for composition and a feel for pacing that few others in the business could match, and by the time he directed MUDHONEY, he’d been honing both talents for more than twenty years. Simply one of the best-looking movies of its type that you’ll ever see.

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