Pop.Art.Film. Double Feature: MR. FREEDOM & SATANIK

Director William Klein/Piero Vivarelli
Year 1969/1968
Starring John Abbey, Delphine Seyrig, Donald Pleasence, Serge Gainsbourg/Magda Konopka
Run Time 180min

MR. FREEDOM (35mm)
In 1966, famed photographer/sculptor/expatriate William Klein decided to make some movies. Ferociously anti-American and overflowing with visuals that feel like they were crafted in Claes Oldenberg's garage, MR. FREEDOM is the crowning point of Klein's prolific career. Commanded by Dr. Donald Pleasance, bone-headed superhero Mr. Freedom travels to France to battle the French Anti-Freedom conglomerate. He joins forces with femme a fatale (Delphine Seyrig) and a band of anti-communist freedom fighters to battle over-the-top communist foes, including "Maoist Red China Man," which is portrayed as a giant inflatable dragon. Funny, violent, and insane, MR. FREEDOM is the Salvador Dali/John Wayne collaboration that never happened.

SATANIK (16mm)
This is a scuzz-filled Euro-trash adaptation of the long-running Italian fumetti of the same name. It's about an "old" woman with hideous face-scars who consumes a substance that turns her into a savage killing machine. In other words: the best! As an added bonus, SATANIK is also a rip-off of DANGER: DIABOLIK, but with improvements. Like stylized stripteases in black body suits. Gore. And water skiing! If this movie was called "Jess Franco Presents: JAMES BOND FRANKENSTEIN," the amount of complaints heard throughout the world would be zero.

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