Director Bruce Timm & Eric Radomski
Year 1993
Starring Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill
Run Time 76min
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Bruce Wayne can never seem to catch a break. An old flame named Andrea Beaumont returns to Gotham just as The Phantasm, a new masked vigilante, starts murdering Mob Bosses around town. Naturally, Batman gets accused of the crimes, so on top of coping with the sudden reappearance of the one that got away, the Dark Knight must apprehend the real killer and clear his name.

The first, and only Batman: The Animated Series movie to get a theatrical release turns 20 years old this Christmas. And similar to most children with birthdays on Christmas, this gem was overlooked (which is a shame because it runs circles around some of the live action Batman films that followed it.) Directed by Bruce Timm, written by Paul Dini, and featuring the voice talents of Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill as The Joker, MASK OF THE PHANTASM was the beginning of a near flawless run of animated Batman films and series that ended with Batman Beyond in 2001.

That's why Mondo is throwing it a belated birthday party. As part of the celebration we will be bringing two new limited edition posters, available for sale in the Lobby.

Screening in 35mm!

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