Director William A. Seiter
Year 1938
Starring Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Lucille Ball
Run Time 78min
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This is part of our months-long Saturday afternoon COMPLETE MARX BROTHERS RETROSPECTIVE!

An anomaly among Marx Brothers films, ROOM SERVICE features the brothers for the first and only time playing roles not originally written for them.  Adapted from a hit Broadway show and produced at RKO, the film was the result of the Marxes trying something different following the death of producer and mentor Irving Thalberg in 1937. 

The farcical story line, about a broke company of actors who try to raise money as they evade their hotel bills, is all placed within the confines of a hotel and watching the film feels like being trapped in the hotel with the Marx Brothers. How suite it is.

Featuring a great early performance from Lucille Ball, ROOM SERVICE is the Marx's take on screwball comedy. Always the black sheep of their catalogue, it's a fascinating and hilarious detour with a lot to appreciate.

"I still think it's a terrible play, but it makes a wonderful rehearsal!"

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