Director David Miller
Year 1949
Starring Harpo, Chico, Groucho, Ilona Massey, Raymond Burr
Run Time 85min
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Harpo fans unite! Allegedly green-lit to help Chico pay off his gambling debts, LOVE HAPPY is a surprisingly touching swan song for not only the Marx Brothers's film career, but also the genius of Harpo Marx. A small acting troupe struggles to produce a play called "Love Happy." Harpo, acting as the group's mascot, steals groceries to help his starving friends. But when a stolen sardine can also contains stolen diamonds, Harpo finds himself in the middle of an international espionage adventure. While both Chico appears as a mind-reading pianist and Groucho as a bumbling detective, LOVE HAPPY remains Harpo's movie -- it's his hour to shine. And that's exactly what he does. Produced by silent-screen giant Mary Pickford, co-written with frequent Jerry Lewis collaborator Frank Tashlin, and featuring Marilyn Monroe in her first role, LOVE HAPPY is a misunderstood gem in the canon of 1940s Hollywood comedies.

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