Director William Lustig
Year 1990
Starring Robert Z'Dar, Bruce Campbell, Claudia Christian
Rating R
Run Time 90min
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"You have the right to remain silent…FOREVER!"

William Lustig is easily one of America's greatest living filmmakers. His savage action and horror films (VIGILANTE, MANIAC COP) tore through the screen to assault the audience with blood, bullets, and sheer hatred burning through every frame.

MANIAC COP 2 is truly The Greatest 1980s Horror-Action Movie Ever Made. Violent, whiplash-paced, supernatural, and completely insane. It was written by horror legend Larry Cohen and stars Robert Davi, Robert Z’Dar, Bruce Campbell and even the lady who played the indestructible dancer in THE HIDDEN. You don't need to have seen MANIAC COP, as the basics are quickly recapped. This film stands on its own. We have the ultimate confidence in MANIAC COP 2's power to entertain you beyond all reason. If you like horror movies or just enjoy having fun in any way, BE THERE. (Zack Carlson)