Director Joe Giannone
Year 1982
Starring Gaylen Ross, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass
Rating R
Run Time 88min
More Info IMDb

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Dozens of modern filmmakers have wasted their time, money, and lives by trying to create "1980s-styled back-to-basics" slashers. And failing. A smarter course of action would have been to just hang out and watch MADMAN, one of the finest examples of "1980s-styled back-to-basics" slashers THAT IS ACTUALLY FROM THE 1980s. It's the weekend before Thanksgiving. At a campsite on Long Island, a legend says that speaking the name of killer Madman Marz above a whisper will invoke his vengeful, club-footed bloodlust. While counselors hump in a jacuzzi, a kid screams “MADMAN MAAAAARZ!!!" on a dare. We know what happens next. Based on the same urban legend that inspired THE BURNING and recent documentary CROPSEY, MADMAN doesn't fool around. It's everything we want from a vintage slasher that takes place at a camp in the woods -- no plot, big synths, weird sex, dumb laughs, and plenty of cheap gore. Plus no daylight. Ever. Clearly, this movie is a gift from the past that will fill our futures with infinite wisdom from here 'til eternity. Now let's scream it together: "Madman Marz! MADMAN MARZ! MADMAN MAAAAAARZ!!!" (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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