Director Thom Anderson
Year 2003
Starring The City of Los Angeles
Run Time 169min
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Southern California practically bleeds celluloid; virtually everywhere you turn, you’ll see a location that once doubled as a film set. In the masterfully constructed essay film LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF, director Thom Andersen plays private eye, revisiting the scenes of cinematic crimes and triumphs and unraveling the tangled relationship between the movies and the metropolis. Both history buffs and lovers of movies will marvel at the hundreds of meticulously assembled archival and film footage revealing a secret history of the City of Angels.

Over its three-hour running time, Andersen zig-zags from classics to (then-)new releases, from forgotten obscurities to iconic list-toppers, from foreign viewpoints to local heroes — all tied together by the themes of how Los Angeles's surroundings are portrayed as background, as character and as subject. Previously only the province of special anniversary screenings and bootleg downloads, LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF is coming back to the big screen in a brand-new HD remaster for one screening only. Don't miss it!

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