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Director Fernando Di Leo
Year 1975
Starring Ursula Andress, Woody Strode
Run Time 96min
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A Stewardessploitation Classic! The late Fernando Di Leo made some of the toughest, funniest crime movies ever. He was the master of ultraviolent comedy. Usually his films feature a tough hombre who gets caught up in a struggle between two mafia factions and gets over on the mobsters using superior intelligence and nerves of steel. Along the way, Di Leo creates brutal and hilarious poetry among the bloodshed. LOADED GUNS is different from his other movies like MISTER SCARFACE and THE ITALIAN CONNECTION: Ursula Andress is the heroine, a stewardess who's had just about enough shit from everybody. She takes on Woody Strode and his tough bunch of carnival workers with the help of acrobat Marc Porel. The movie is played as a broad farce and it's a crazy love story to boot. Everyone in the movie is having a great time and there's a contagious feeling of mischief and conspiracy between film maker and audience. The climax of the movie is a huge brawl in which Di Leo's entire stock company of hoods tear down the whole carnival while trying to keep a straight face. If that doesn't grab you, Ursula Andress gets naked again and again and again. See it with someone you love! (Lars)

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