Director Otto Preminger
Year 1944
Starring Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb, Vincent Price
Run Time 88min
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Screening as part of the series The Influences of David Lynch!

Ranking high among the pantheon of classic film noir, Otto Preminger’s enigmatic, star-studded mystery features the exotically beautiful Gene Tierney as elusive Laura Hunt, murdered by a shotgun blast to the face. Arriving to investigate, cynical police detective Dana Andrews - haunted by Laura's portrait, diary and personal letters - begins to fall in love with the dead woman. The peerless Clifton Webb makes his brilliant film debut as waspish columnist Waldo Lydecker, Laura’s arrogant, possessive mentor, bitterly jealous of the all-too-smooth Vincent Price, a handsome, smarmy gigolo. LAURA is a delightful, urbane and unapologetically posh film noir with an unforgettably haunting theme.

Beyond a handful of specific references to LAURA that Lynch has woven into his films over the years, it shares with Lynch's films the theme of a detective being incapacitated by the limits of applying logic to real events. "Lost in darkness and confusion..."

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