Master Pancake


Director Jim Henson
Year 1986
Starring Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie
Run Time 120min
More Info IMDb

Join Master Panake as they unravel LABYRINTH (1986).  

LABYRINTH tells the story of the world's worst babysitter, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) who wishes that goblins would take her little brother away and is surprised when they do. 

David Bowie plays the egregiously bemulletted Goblin king who distracts Sarah with his tight pants and magical balls and then rumplestiltskins her baby brother Toby away to a land of muppets, magic, and musical numbers.  In order to recover Toby, Sarah must go on a journey as big and as long as her eyebrows. 

Come watch Master Pancake (including guest mocker OWEN EGERTON) dismantle a movie that folks have been requesting for years: LABYRINTH! (John)

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