Big Screen Classics

KING KONG (1933)

Director Merian C. Cooper
Year 1933
Starring Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot
Run Time 100min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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When the “AMAZING KONG" was on moviegoers more than 80 years ago there truly was no cinematic event that matched its grand scale and unbridled imagination.

It brings to life dozens of dinosaurs, a giant spider, a giant crab and the infamous gorilla. And the effects implemented are practical and timeless.

This aspect of the film is awe-inspiring, but what sets KING KONG apart and helps it achieve its all-time classic status is a simple story wrought with complicated themes and emotions.

You both fear and care for the big guy in an emotional tug-of-war all the while having your mouth agape because of the amazing visuals on screen. And the performance of Fay Wray, the hypnotic beauty that steals our heart and allows Kong’s to flourish, is legendary.

Most people know the story of Kong, but to experience this production headed by David O. Selznick, the hardest working Hollywood producer of all time, on the big screen is a truly special occasion. Over the years technology in movies has gotten more advanced, but few moments will create the awe that so many frames in KING KONG do.

The term has been loosely issued to so many films, but KING KONG remains an undeniable, indisputable masterpiece. (R.J. LaForce)

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