Director John Huston
Year 1948
Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, Claire Trevor
Run Time 100min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series BOGART & BACALL.

Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) travels to an island in the Florida Keys to visit the widow (Lauren Bacall) of a war buddy. At the hotel where he stays, he meets crass gangster Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson), who has temporarily taken over the hotel. Deeds and tempers flare as a hurricane builds outside.

Like the similarly sweaty, claustrophobic 12 ANGRY MEN, KEY LARGO is a rare adaptation of a stage play (by Maxwell Anderson) in which the physical constraints of the stagebound source material are a strength rather than a weakness. Robinson is mesmerizing as the one-time crime czar Rocco, There was little doubt that the character was modeled on Al Capone, who retired to Florida and died there of complications due to advanced syphillis a year before this film was produced. In her autobiography, By Myself, Lauren Bacall recalls KEY LARGO as "one of the happiest movie experiences. I thought how marvelous a medium the movies were!" A tense and atmospheric classic with the sparks flying between Bogart and Bacall!

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