Only At The Alamo

James Gunn Spotlight: SLITHER and SUPER

Director James Gunn
Year 2006, 2010
Starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler
Rating R
Run Time 191min

James Gunn may be one of the big boys now thanks to the success of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY but before he was working for Marvel Studios, Gunn was churning out some of the most insane, interesting and fun horror films to emerge kicking and screaming from the fringes of cinema. Join us in shining a spotlight on two of Gunn's previous films with a one-two punch of in-your-face extreme celluloid insanity. 

With SLITHER, Gunn gave audiences a throwback creepfest starring Nathan Fillion as a sheriff looking to protect his town from alien slugs. If you like the idea of Michael Rooker as a giant squid-shaped, sharp-toothed creature feature or zombie deers engaged in fistacuffs with the star of FIREFLY, you're going to dig this gross-out, guns-out tribute to the best monster movies the '70s and '80s had to offer! 

In SUPER, Gun presented a gory and often shocking look at what type of crazy person would think to become a superhero. This isn't wish-fullfilment, this is a down and dirty truth explsoion - full of visions from God, pipes to the throat and an insane teenage sidekick who will run over a small-time thug to prove a point. Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page co-star.

Both films will screen in 35mm as a double feature! If you are left with a craving for more of James Gunn's particular slice of crazy after GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, don't miss this double bill. Tickets are only $12!

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