INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. w/ James Franco Live!

Director James Franco and Travis Mathews
Year 2013
Starring James Franco, Val Lauren, Christian Patrick
Rating UR
Run Time 60min
Age Policy

21 and up. No one under 21 admitted.

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INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. is James Franco and Travis Mathews' re-imagining of the lost 40 minutes of William Friedkin's CRUISING (1980). It is also a remarkably sincere exploration of sexual and creative freedom in contemporary cinema. INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. manifests as a hybrid between documentary and fiction filmmaking, in particular due to its focus on the depiction of and/or narratives about gay sex in the 21st century. By using cinema as its primary source and attempting to recreate an excerpt of "lost film," Franco and Mathews shine light on William Friedkin's original film as a rich and deeply textual art object, showing how in hindsight it may serve as an important -- and perhaps critical -- window into meaningful dialogue about true-to-life issues, many of which divide the everyday spaces in which we live our very lives.

James Franco will appear in person to introduce INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. and will conduct a post-show Q&A with Drafthouse Film Programmer Sam Prime. Tickets are on sale right now! 

*Please note: due to the late start time,  no food and beverage service will be offered.*

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