Director Norman Jewison
Year 1967
Starring Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates
Run Time 109min
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Austin Film Society programmer (and Cinema Club Founder) Lars Nilsen, will join us for a special introduction and audience discussion session after the film.

On a summer night in Sparta Mississippi, an upstanding citizen is found murdered. In the course of the round-up a black man (Sidney Poitier), waiting for a train at the station, is picked up by the police. The cops have all but pinned the crime on him when it turns out that he is a Philadelphia homicide detective passing through town on a family visit. The police chief (Rod Steiger) is forced to reluctantly ask for his help in the investigation, and that's where the trouble really begins. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT is a fantastic, tense, entertaining movie full of great performances, music and camerawork. It's also fascinating from a film-historical standpoint because it provides the bridge between the social issue films of Stanley Kramer (think THE DEFIANT ONES and ON THE BEACH) and the odder, more European inflected, Hollywood auteur movies of the 70s. While the film was produced by the powerful mogul Walter Mirisch, the cast and crew list are filled with names who would later form an honor roll of the New Hollywood: editor Hal Ashby, Cinematographer Haskell Wexler, composer Quincy Jones, and actors Warren Oates and Lee Grant among them. Don't miss the chance to see this in sumptuous 35mm.