Director Martin Ritt
Year 1963
Starring Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal, Brandon De Wilde
Run Time 112min
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Railroad Tracks - Paul Newman stars as Hud Bannon, the arrogant son of a Texas rancher whose family and livelihood are torn apart by circumstance and long-held resentments. Although well into adulthood, Hud is still sowing wild oats, spending most of his time drinking, fighting, seducing women and pulling reckless stunts in his Cadillac – usually while driving over the train tracks.

While you're in Claude, TX, be sure to visit the Amstrong County Museum which is in the Gem Theater, a location from HUD.

Please note:

  • Admission is free and first come, first serve
  • Facebook RSVP does not guarantee admission
  • Bring your own seating and arrive early for good spot!
  • All screenings are 35mm and will be preceded by a reel of vintage themed 35mm trailers
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