Terror Tuesday


Director Lucio Fulci
Year 1981
Starring Catriona MacColl, Paolo Malco, Giovanni De Nava
Rating R
Run Time 85min
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Truth is not universal. It's contingent on everything from location to background, from age to occupation. However, one ideal that transcends all borders, generations, and lifestyles is the simple fact that FULCI RULEZ. Because FULCI RULEZ. And since FULCI RULEZ, it's only fitting that we screen HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, a movie by FULCI that RULEZ. Following CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE BEYOND in Fulci's unofficial "Gates Of Hell" trilogy, this beautifully photographed, gothed-out gorefest is the missing link between THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and DR. BUTCHER, M.D. That is, if one of those movies also had a slight FRANKENSTEIN sub-plot that involved turning a warm New England countryside into a showcase for haunted basements, a blood-lusting ghoul, killer bats, and many unhealthy situations for children. As you'd expect (and hope for) with any movie bearing Fulci's name, HOUSE is rife with incoherence, deadpan dubbing, and incredible synth-prog earthquakes. There is also a doctor named "Freudstein." In case you missed it, FULCI RULEZ. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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