Horror Remix: LOVE

Director Various
Year 2013
Rating R
Run Time 120min
More Info Official Website

YES! Another seasonal/holiday themed remix. We’ve done SPRING, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, and now finally VALENTINE’S DAY.

And since we’ve broadened the theme to LOVE, we have tons of horror films to choose from. As we were picking out the most heart-ripping moments in VHS history, Swedish songwriter, Jens Lekman’s lyrics kept coming to mind; ‘I don’t know what love is, but I know what it isn’t.’ I have to think our LOVE remix shares this sentiment. Although we call this show LOVE, ironically, there is a lot of hate going on.

Because our LOVE is about jealousy, betrayal, greed, lust, obsession, and revenge. All the evil emotions that surround love. What love isn’t. The reasons people avoid opening their heart to someone. Maybe we should’ve called this remix LOVE ISN’T. Because what ‘love isn’t’ is damn scary.

So, grab your valentine and come see the BRAND NEW remix that celebrates love and all the horrific things that go with it. Featuring Killing Spree (1987), Haunting Fear (1990), Super Vixens (1975), and much, much, much more.



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