Terror Tuesday


Director Skip Schoolnik
Year 1988
Starring Bunky Jones, Brittain Frye, Annette Sinclair
Rating R
Run Time 90min
More Info IMDb

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A Dodge van stops at a red light. A bunch of kids burst from the doors, run around like maniacs, and jump back in the van. That is what you call a Chinese Fire Drill. That is also what you call "a good time" when you've just graduated from high school and are anticipating some major sex inside a department store aka HIDE AND GO SHRIEK. Eight high school grads decide to spend the night in a store called Fine Furniture. John, the buff jock, is the son of the store’s owner, so getting in is no problem. Unfortunately, getting out is the hard part. Zing! While the kids get down to the business of taking off their pants, a cross-dressing punk locks the doors and embarks on a cross-dressing killing spree. Subsequently, we're treated to unattractive people making out, dumb dialogue ("Fear is not in my vocabulary, squid!”), yelling, lots of nudity, and a surprising number of dead people wearing nothing but underwear. Barely released in 1987 and relegated to the VHS ghetto ever since, HIDE AND GO SHRIEK is an idiotic scum-slasher delight. SHRIEK AND DESTROY! (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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