Hecklevision: CHOOSE YOUR OWN

Run Time 120min

Ever wish you could program for the Alamo? Ever sat through a Master Pancake show and thought, "I could do this?"

Well, now it's time to put your money where your mouth is because The Action Pack is giving YOU the opportunity to show up with your perfect heckle-able movie and let the audience decide which one we are going to make fun of. Got a copy of that totally awesome made-for-TV movie where Ben Affleck is strung out on steroids? Bring it in! Always thought it might be funny to make fun of The Passion of the Christ? If this audience is sick and twisted enough, we just might.

Charge up your phones and expect the unexpected because anything goes at this Choose Your Own Hecklevision where your texted heckles will appear uncensored in real-time alongside the feature. (Greg MacLennan)


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