Action Pack

HeckleVision: SHARKNADO

Director Anthony C. Ferrante
Year 2013
Starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid
Rating R
Run Time 86min
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Your texted jokes appearing on screen! Sharks flying around inside the theater!
It's the ultimate SHARKNADO adventure!!

The Asylum took the world by storm this summer - literaly - when they released a new kind of disaster movie based solely on the idea of taking two awesome words and making them more awesome by smashing them together - SHARKNADO!

After debuting on the SyFy Channel and dominating everything on the Internet and social media during the week of its initial release, SHARKNADO had a limited theatrical run in regular movie theaters via the good people at Fathom Entertainment. But while people have experienced tornados full of sharks on the big screen before, no one has experienced like this!

We're bringing HeckleVision back for this very special screening, and that means that you'll be able to use your phone to text jokes that will appear directly on screen along with Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and a whole bunch of sharks! But that's not all.

This being an Action Pack show, we wouldn't want to leave all of the action up on the screen. Just like we normally have props and confetti and other fun things like that at our Quote-Along events, we're going to have special live action elements in the theater during this show, too. What live action elements, you ask? FLYING SHARKS. In. The. Theater.

Yeah, that's right. When the SHARKNADO is flying around on screen destroying everything in the movie, we're going to have actual sharks* flying around INSIDE THE THEATER destroying everyone in the audience!

Whether you've been a fan of The Asylum's awesomeness since MEGASHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS or whether you've never seen any of their modern masterpiece creature features, this SHARKNADO experience at the Alamo is not to be missed. Start exercising your thumbs now, because you're going to need megafast reaction time to get all the jokes from your brain through your phone and onto our screen fast enough. The Action Pack is bringing SHARKNADO to your neighborhood Alamo Drafthouse in HeckleVision, and the world may never be the same again. (Henri Mazza)

*okay, so we're actually just going to get those remote control shark balloons, but still! It should be all sorts of awesome and fun.

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