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Director Richard Lowry
Year 1986
Starring Valiant Duhart, Jeffrey Tisinger, Tyler Vargas
Run Time 88min
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Special thanks to Scarecrow Video for helping to make this screening possible!

Clint Eastwood. Fred "The Hammer" Williamson. Charles Bronson. These are the names that have defined what it means to be a lethal, justice-seeking master of violence -- until now. HAWK JONES takes no prisoners. He follows no rules. He's a martial arts expert. He's an uzi expert. His adventures are punctuated by scorching guitar solos and triumphant drum machine fills. Plus, like every true hero, Hawk knows how to put "dames" in their place ("Females are like chocolate chip ice cream -- cold and lumpy!"). When crime kingpin Antonio unleashes a wave of terror over Minitropolois, it's up to Hawk and his sassy-lady partner to clean up the streets. But do they have what it takes to defeat The Destroyer, Antonio's bionic punk henchman? And will love get in the way of vengeance? As Hawk says, "This is my war. And the game is justice." P.S. No one who appears in this movie is over the age of twelve. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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