Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent

Director Jeffrey Theman
Year 2012
Run Time 95min
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Benefiting Love-A-Bull, GUILTY 'TIL PROVEN INNOCENT examines breed specific legislation in Ohio, the effect it has on its local communities, and answers the important question: “Do we have a dangerous dog breed problem, or just dangerous laws targeting dogs?”

In April 1987, state legislators introduced amendments to House Bill 352, declaring “Pit Bull” dogs inherently vicious at birth, and requiring owners of such dogs to comply with strict requirements. This bill, which revised the state’s vicious dog ordinance (ORC 955.11/22) was signed, sealed and delivered on July 10, 1987, making Ohio the only state in the nation to single out a breed of dog as dangerous.

Local municipalities, such as Cincinnati, Toledo, and Youngstown, increased the severity of these laws by placing heavier restrictions, or even out right banning these dogs within city limits.

GTPI follows Lakewood, Ohio, as City Council discuss a ban of “Pit Bull” dogs, offering a glimpse to viewers of what it’s like living in a city that successfully passes breed specific legislation. This film investigates and exposes the truth about these laws, answering the tough questions relating to dangerous dogs.

Several experts in the fields of animal behavior/training, rescue, advocacy, and psychology extend their expertise in the production of GUILTY 'TIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

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