Graveyard Shift


Director Jalmari Helander
Year 2010
Starring Jorma Tommila, Peeter Jakobi and Onni Tommila
Rating R
Run Time 94min
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Join the Graveyard Shift for a very special screening of RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE — a new holiday film that is destined to become traditional viewing for horror fans everywhere.

Set in Finland on Christmas Eve, the movie follows a group of reindeer herders who find themselves over their heads when they discover the near lifeless body of Santa Claus. This isn’t the jolly old fat man from the side of a Coca-Cola can, though. This Santa spends his evenings capturing little children and spiriting them away for some nefarious purpose. A pitch black comedy that manages to turn Christmas creepy, RARE EXPORTS is essential viewing for horror fans in this holiday season.

Show up early for a chance to meet Santa Claus and tell him what you want for Christmas. Don't forget to join our Facebook group to get the lowdown on all our upcoming horror events. 

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