Director Fred Dekker
Rating R
Run Time 196min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

Welcome to the Graveyard Shift — where night owls come together to enjoy some of the best horror movies ever made. From the classics to unknown gems, every month the Alamo Drafthouse will pick out a favorite from the vault for your enjoyment. The Graveyard Shift isn’t just a simple screening, though — it’s an event. Once a month we’ll bring you games, giveaways and surprises of all shapes and sizes. If you’re a horror fan living in Houston, the third Saturday of the month is reserved for the Graveyard Shift.
This month: The Monster Squad / Night of the Creeps (Director's Cut) Double Feature

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, we've programed a Fred Dekker double feature for October's regularly scheduled Graveyard Shift event. if you are a fan of monster films, there is a good chance you are a Fred Dekker fan. Even though his output of films is low, he has one of the most consistently fun filmographies of any horror director.

THE MONSTER SQUAD is a 1987 tribute to The Little Rascals — if the Little Rascals were monster hunters. When Dracula decides to get the old gang back together again, he assembles a who's who list of things that go bump in the night and topping their list of things to do is kill the gang of precocious kids who keep meddling in their evil fan. THE MONSTER SQUAD is the film that taught us all that Wolfman's got nards and for that horror fans are forever grateful. You won't want to miss the awesome opportunity to see one of the most beloved '80s monster movies on the big screen again.

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is a pitch-perfect blend of '50s science fiction films, '80s slasher movies and ZOMBIES!!! You've got alien slugs, undead axe murderers and Tom Atkins perpetually asking people to thrill him. What else do you need in a horror movie? When a school dance is interrupted by undead, parasite-possessed aliens, it's up to an unlikely team of misfits to save the day. We will be screening the film's director's cut.

Both films will be screened as high definition digital presentations and we've got a butt-load of games, giveaways and more planned for the night. Also, in honor of NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, we're going to be crowning our Graveyard Shift homecoming king and queen so come decked out in your best zombie dance attire for a chance to win a fantastic Alamo prize pack. 

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