Terror Tuesday


Director Herb Freed
Year 1981
Starring Christopher George, Michael Pataki, Linnea Quigley
Rating R
Run Time 96min
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Thanks to the success of the FRIDAY THE 13th series, the 1980s were Death Row for the American teen. Over the course of the decade, literally thousands of jocks, dweebs, bullies, stoners, cheerleaders, token fatties and generally faceless victims met their fate at the end of a pointy object. Some films took the high school homicide template and did something daring and truly unique with it. Other films didn't. Enter slop-maker Herb Freed, a frugal anti-artist who laid out the basics for a typical slasher (dismemberment, boob, disemboweling, boob) and stumbles through them with robotic detachment. However, what sets GRADUATION DAY apart is a wholehearted embrace of its own stupidity ("The world is my TOILET!"), plus a ridiculous cast that features scream icon Linnea Quigley, the incredible Christopher George (PIECES, GATES OF HELL) and even famed WHEEL OF FORTUNE letter-turner Vanna White! With entertainment luminaries like that, what could go wrong? Join us tonight and find out. (Zack Carlson)

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