Director Kazuki Ohmori
Year 1991
Starring Megumi Odaka, Godzilla, King Ghidorah
Rating UR
Run Time 103min
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In the 1980’s Toho Studios decided to reboot their indomitable Godzilla series by ignoring all fourteen previous, increasingly-insane sequels and making a direct follow-up to the irradiated original. No other rubber monsters to pal around with at first, just a new nuke-scorched Godzilla suit bringing complete devastation to miniature Japan. Forging a convoluted new continuity, these Heisei-era films dramatically increased the size of the monsters and returned Godzilla to his rightful role as a terrifying, world-ending abomination. But then in the first follow-up of this new series they made him fight a giant rosebush and nobody went to see it. The only solution was to bring back the most evil, awesome Godzilla opponent of all time - King Ghidorah, the vicious, flying, three-headed, lightning-breathing dragon from outer space.

GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH is the pinnacle of the second era of Godzilla filmmaking. Watch this movie and lose your mind witnessing the secret origins of the original Godzilla, some deep sea adventure, WWII soldiers fighting dinosaurs, ufo sightings, time traveling Futurians from the 23rd century warning Japan about their “gloomy future” due to total annihilation by Godzilla, teleportation, ESP, androids, little baby dragon dudes, evil white people, and of course King Ghidorah and the half-mutant, half-robot MECHA-KING GHIDORAH!!!

The fantastically convoluted plot involves an elaborate time-travel scheme to delete Godzilla out of history but double and triple-crosses spin the whole thing into complete head-scratcher territory. The real reason to watch any Godzilla movie though is for the unfettered eradication of human civilization by colossal monstrosities and GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH delivers ultimate destruction. The masterfully designed monster suits and impressively detailed miniature cities hold up as incredible examples of the value of practical effects, delivering a tactile pleasure that CGI carnage never will. The original composer for the series, Akira Ifukube, returns with his first Godzilla score in almost two decades and it undeniably elevates the whole thing to even greater heights. There are few pleasures in life more pure than seeing the great roaring, radioactive lizard monster pummel a mutated dragon creature through the Japanese tax center to the sounds of an Ifukube score. Godzilla will never die. (Tommy Swenson)

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