Girlie Night


Director Jeff Kanew
Year 1989
Starring Shelley Long, Craig T. Nelson, Betty Thomas
Rating PG
Run Time 110min
More Info IMDb

You know how most girls dabble in Girl Scouts but never make it past the Brownie level because you actually have to work to earn patches and the uniforms are, let's be frank, kind of heinous? Well, I actually stayed in my troop until I was in the eighth grade, which yes, was incredibly lame. You know why? Because there was a part of me that secretly hoped and wished and prayed that Phyllis Nefler would show up with her flaming red hair and crazy harlequin pastel dress and take charge of my troop so we could earn patches in Shoe Shopping and Diamond Inspection and go camping at the Beverly Hills Hotel and make fondue because AWESOME!!!!!

Seriously, I really hope the President of Girl Scouts comes to the Girlie Night screening of TROOP BEVERLY HILLS and takes detailed notes so that future generations of girls can learn the important life skills imparted by Mrs. Nefler, including How to Do the Freddie, The Right Way to Wear Khaki and Avoid Stylists Named Renaldo. I mean, look what these vital lessons have done for the TBH alumni: Jenny Lewis is a famous indie rocker, Kellie Martin was on "Life Goes On" (holla!) and Carla Gugino is totally smoking hot! Plus, is there any better way to sell cookies than by donning a Tina Turner wig and singing "Cookie Time"? I DON'T THINK SO.

July's Girlie Night will most definitely be a celebration of khaki riches and cookie dreams. I absolutely cannot wait to watch this movie with a roomful of people who hate those effing Red Feathers as much as I do. I also challenge everyone to wear khaki (although I do hope at least one person shows up wrapped in animal print a la Vicki Sprantz) and make sure to prepare your best Rosa accent so we can yell, all together, "Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!" (Sarah Pitre)


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