Fundraiser Screening: RUMBLE IN THE BRONX in 35mm!!

Director Stanley Tong
Year 1995
Starring Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Bill Tung
Rating R
Run Time 87min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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Jackie Chan is a real hero of the silver screen. No matter the role, audiences can always rest assured that Chan will fall on the side of justice.

In RUMBLE IN THE BRONX, Chan plays Keung, a young man who makes a special trip to New York City to attend his uncle's wedding. While his uncle is on his honeymoon, Keung graciously offers to manage his uncle's market in the Bronx. Before too long, a local street gang starts to make trouble. Keung, the one-man moral machine, seeks to put an end to the disruption before the situation spirals out of control.

While Chan may be our hero of choice when it comes to movies, Alan Graham is a real Austin hero.  His organization, Mobile Loaves and Fishes, has been tirelessly serving the chronically homeless since 1998. In 2013, he is unveiling a revolutionary housing concept called Community First which will provide housing and support for over 200 homeless Austinites.

Alamo Drafthouse and the San Jose Hotel are partnering on the project to create a unique sustainable bed and breakfast concept at the site.  This screening has a "pay what you can" structure encourage each audience member to contribute what they can to this meaningful cause.

100% of the proceeds from this screening will be donated to the Mobile Loaves and Fishes Community First project.  Additionally, Alamo Drafthouse will match all donations dollar for dollar.  We will also have a silent auction in the lobby for all attendees of the Lamar closing night event.  All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to Community First as well.

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