Master Pancake


Director Sean S. Cunningham
Year 1980
Starring Betsy Palmer, Kevin Bacon
Rating R
Run Time 95min
More Info IMDb

This will be part ONE of our 4-part FRIDAY THE 13TH WEEKEND.

Spend Friday the 13th with the hecklers of Master Pancake as they ambush the slasher classic FRIDAY THE 13th (1980). Not since John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN has a slasher movie taken its title so directly from the name of the day on which it takes place.  F13 tells the story of the murders at Camp Crystal Lake and one mother who really made a difference: Pamela Voorhes, founder of M.A.P.C.C. (Mothers against Promiscuous Camp Counselors). This low-budget gem boasts a cast of no-name actors and one future A-lister: everyone's favorite pug-nosed golden-boy KEVIN BACON who can't dance his way out of this one. On hand to eviscerate the movie will be John Erler, Owen Egerton, Joe Parsons, and special guest Charlie Hodge.

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