Director Kyle Henry
Year 2012
Starring Paul Soileau, Jose Villarreal and introducing Christeene
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Q&A with local director Kyle Henry following each screening!

A feature anthology of short tales of sexual intimacy set in four American cities.

In SAN FRANCISCO: A cross-dressing sex-worker faces a challenging assignment with a quadriplegic man. As the pressure mounts, an awakening begins.

In AUSTIN: Lily, early thirties, is fertile and off the pill. She and her boyfriend Kai plan a casual night of sex after a long dry spell, but Lily’s unwed sister and sick baby nephew make hooking up at Lily’s place impossible. As they prowl the sultry summer night streets, they debate whether marriage and babies are really in their future... and arrive at a startling compromise.

In TAMPA: Late-twenties Louis loops into a local mall to grab lunch in the food court and a quickie in the public restroom. Paranoid about his own small package and clearly nervous about the situation, he scouts for possible partners, letting his imagination take over when reality proves thoroughly unsatisfying.

In SKOKIE: Marcy, a closeted, mid-forties lesbian church choir member, pines for Gail, the wife of her Methodist pastor, Roger. When Gail and Roger head out of town for the weekend, Marcy offers to watch their nightmare of a dog, Myra. Marcy works hard to win the pooch over, and ultimately, accomplishes much more than that.

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