Director Eddie Nicart
Year 1981
Starring Weng Weng
Run Time 93min
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The world's most unique film-viewing experience returns! All sound effects, music, and dialogue will be created a team of hard-working Foley artists led by the masterful Buzz Moran. You've seen and heard his work as part of the record breaking Intergalactic Nemesis. Now join him as he and his compatriots travel to the Phillipines to find Weng Weng, the 2'9" secret agent. This is FOLEYVISION!

That's right, this really is a James Bond rip-off from the Phillipines starring the world's smallest action hero Weng Weng. See him fly around with a jetpack. Hear his girlfriend call him "my little potato." Thrill to the BIG fight scene at the end against another diminutive character named Mr. Big. There are plenty of exciting scenes where Weng Weng gets thrown into a room, guns blazing, by someone off camera. Indisputably, he is the greatest action star of all time. And there is no better way to experience his undeniable power than in FOLEYVISION.

"Bigger than Goldfinger's finger! Bigger than Thunderball's..."

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